Green Living

Since April 2008, when Goodman Building Supply achieved the status of becoming Marin County’s first Certified Green hardware store, we have worked diligently in finding eco-friendly household and outdoor products to carry in our store so that our customers would have environmentally safe products for their home, office and outdoor living spaces.

Long before that, we realized that having a role in maintaining a healthy ecology was vital because we are neighbors with the Richardson Bay and its protected environment.

In addition to offering over 3,000 green products in-store, we continue to add new products every year as it is our goal to offer eco-friendly products in every department of our store.

We are proud to now carry everything from a complete line of energy efficient LED light bulbs to eco-friendly air-freshener products to smart faucets and water saving toilets that can save a household anywhere from 6-25,000 gallons of our precious water every year.

As well as providing the latest and most efficient household products for a greener lifestyle, we also provide an entire display of green cleaning products and an equally large display of environmentally safe garden and nursery supplies and products.

Some of our newest products include:

  • Earth Friendly carpet shampoo
  • Free Wave odor neutralizer
  • Filtrite 12-cup pitcher and replacement filters, Water Station and additional water bottles
  • Mrs. Meyers Clean Day line
  • Eco Safe 13 and 30 gallon trash bags